Dog Killer Ridge is hidden in the hills of Greene County in Southern Indiana.
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Back in the mid-70s, Wesley Sciscoe, Delbert's brother, lived in what is now known as Dog Killer Ridge. Some guys showed up just after Wesley had gotten home from work one day, looking for their big-time hunting dog that had been missin' for a day or two. They asked to look around and he told them to go ahead.
In the dark woods, they found a bloody trail that led to their dead dog. These guys ended up suing Delbert, Wesley, and some members of their family for $11,000 each. The case was thrown out of court.
Delbert was working for the City of Bloomington Street Department when this all happened. Some of his coworkers got a kick out of the whole story, him getting sued and the ridiculous case getting thrown out of court, so they got creative one day and made him a street sign that read DOG KILLER RIDGE. The sign is still in his front yard on a tree and in the pictures above.