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Delbert's spent most of his life in Greene County. DKR's been his home for a few decades now, longer than, his son, Bryan's been around. He's a jack of all trades, and has a knack for finding what works. Most weekends, you can find him watching a race and enjoying a beer with some good friends and family. Usually he's got some projects going on. He's got an Allis-Chalmers close to the garage, and he's always tinkering with it, or building something new. His other hobbies include painting, wood carving, and playing guitar.
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Bryan's lived in Greene County, Indiana his whole life. Growing up, he got to hang out with his dad dirt track racin' and raisin' hell on the country back roads. He loves country livin', pissin' off the front porch, and breakin' in a fresh 350 with open headers at 2 AM without hearin' the neighbors crying. Bryan and Delbert collect old Chevy trucks, Allis-Chalmers tractors, and small block Chevy parts — and trying to talk them into coming off something takes some time. Bryan finds cutting and splitting firewood calming and it's one of his favorite chores at home, except when some equipment breaks and he's gotta weld it back up. He's always been a Tonka truck kinda guy since he was a kid, playing around on the tractor and working the big equipment.
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Sam has tried to leave Greene County many times, but he keeps coming back. This time, it's for good: he's just a few miles from where his grandma was raised. Sam's an auto body man, which runs in the family. He loves old cars and trucks and everything about them. He could work on them day in and day out. He's a family man with a big heart and good friends. Sam's a guy that enjoys the moment, whether he's lighting up a bonfire or takin' it easy, sitting around with his buddies and drinking a few. But when it comes down to it, he's all about getting the job done.
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Doug's just a mile outside Greene County, right down the road from Dog Killer Ridge. He's a tile man and the designated chef at DKR. He can make some mean fresh salsa out of the garden, something the guys works on together. You can find him in the DKR garage watchin' a race on most weekends; he's part of the family, despite his love of Fords.
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Michael lives in Greene County. He's one of Bryan's best friends, and like a brother to him. His dad drew the Dog Killer Ridge logo. Michael's a hell of a derby driver. He and Bryan have done a lot of derbying and spent a lot of time scrapping together over the years. Michael's also an awesome deer hunter and concrete man.
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Animal's back to our neck of the woods after a little while. Like Bryan, he used to work for Country Auto Parts, but being Sammy's cousin some where down the line, he know's blood thicker than oil and likes hangin' with the DKR guys. Animal likes to play the guitar and hang out with some friends and family when he can.
Bryan spent 10 years working for Country Auto Parts.

While working there he cut his thumb off, but they got it back on in time. Had to pull the tedon down from his elbow.

He also was the one that helped Terry put the car up in the air.
What do they listen to?

Delbert & Bryan listen to Country, classic country. Some favorites are Merle Haggard, Jamey Johnson and Keith Whitley.

Sammy likes all kinds, less country than the rest of the 'em. Beatles, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Roy Orbison top his list.

But put Sam & Bryan together and they'll go old school Snoop Dog and Dr Dre.
What do they watch?

Delbert - Westerns & Racin'

It was a sad day in Bryan's house when Netflix took Have Gun, Will Travel off-line. Tombstone's at the top of the movie list for Bryan.

Him and Sam have watched Full Metal Jacket, Forrest Gump and Pulp Fiction about a million times through the years.
What do they say?

Well, you see them on their best behavior on Porter Ridge. They do well at watching their language when followed by cameras.

Bryan refers to a lot of people as Village Idiots. He says Terry is a perfect example.

Sam's more likely to call 'em Douchers!

They're good at re-writing songs on the fly.
They like to joke around a lot, so if you're around, you best be able to handle it.